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Want to Attract More Customers?
We would love to help you dominate your industry.

Let us provide you with a website built to thrive in a digital landscape. Every website we build includes:

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Local SEO Services

Increase your rankings in organic search results and Google maps.

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Reputation Marketing

Acquire and market positive reviews to build brand trust and authority.

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Citations Management

Establish a local stronghold by correctly building business citations.

Attract more customers and grow your business.

Customers are the bread and butter of every local business. More customers equals more revenue. The trick for businesses however, is the getting more customers part. So what exactly is the best way to do that in 2017? The answer is simple… dominate your local market online.

With over 90% of all people searching the Internet to find what they are looking for, you can be sure most of your potential customers are jumping on Google to find what they need. Can they find you? Who will they choose when they read online reviews to determine who to call?

What if they look to business directories, will they find you there? Is all your information correct. If so, will you make a good enough impression to win over your competitors? Have Blitz Marketing Group put together a strategic internet marketing campaign that gets your business found online.

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Local SEO Services

When someone searches online for what your business offers, can they find you? Where does your business appear in search results? What position are you on that page?

These are extremely important questions considering most Internet searches never extend beyond the first page of search results.

With that being said, if your business does not appear on the first page of a potential customer’s search results, they may never know your business even exists.

Who do you think they will call instead? That’s right, one of your competitors on the first page. If you want more customers, your business needs search engine optimization and local SEO services.

Reputation Marketing

Studies show 94% of consumers now read online reviews before choosing a local business. How many reviews does your business have? Are they all positive?

In fact, Bright Local’s survey indicates 84% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much personal recommendations. That’s a big deal!

This makes perfect sense when you consider how many people search reviews before choosing a product or local business. Wouldn’t you agree?

The fact is, how many online reviews a business has and what those reviews tell potential customers cannot be ignored. Reputation marketing is invaluable.

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Citations Management

Local business citations continue to play a big part in local business optimization. They are the “yellow pages” of a digital landscape.

Also, the more places your business contact information exists online, the more relevant your business appears to search engines.

Most local businesses however, fail to give citations the attention they deserve. For that reason, a lot of their information is wrong or missing.

This confuses search engines and often results in lost leads and search rankings. Optimizing your local citations will help your business land more customers.

We would love to help you grow your business!

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