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Blitz Marketing Group (BMG) is a Palm Desert Internet Marketing Agency. We specialize in providing professional Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Local Business Marketing. If you’re a local Palm Desert, CA business that’s in needs of more clients, we can help you.

In today’s hypersensitive digital age, when someone searches to find something, they look, leverage and utilize the Internet. Your business’ appearance and placement in a potential customer’s search result can mean the difference between a thriving business and a business that ends up closing its doors.

BMG will drive more leads, traffic, and customers that convert to business than any other digital marketing agency or online strategy. We simply rank websites. We have extensive experience in placing and positioning websites on the 1st page of Google search results for clients both locally and nationally.

Blitz Marketing Group, LLC Business Categories:

  • Internet Marketing Service: We drive quality traffic to your business website and other internet properties. We tailor fit and market your services to your ideal target audience.
  • Marketing Agency: Unlike traditional advertising and print media, our premier marketing agency establishes and nurtures a long-term traffic solution.
  • Web Designer: We build the highest-quality, professional websites possible. Our websites are fully responsive, mobile friendly and look fantastic on all phones and tablets including iPhones and Androids.
  • Marketing Consultant: We’ll collaborate with you to create a custom and optimized marketing strategy for your business that helps you acquire new clients.

Blitz Marketing Group, LLC Marketing Services:

SEO: If you’re looking to increase your search engine rankings and placement in Google, you’ll need SEO, short for search engine optimization services. SEO is the sophisticated ongoing process of optimizing your business’ informational website and related online assets. This of course includes but is not limited to your business website, Google My Business page, and profile, various online reviews, and other business directory citations (Yelp, Facebook, Manta, Yellow Pages etc.). The more visibility your Palm Desert CA business has and acquires online, the greater chance potential customers will see, call or visit you.

Search engine optimization takes a lot of work and is a very time-consuming process. As a full-time business owner, you should highly consider hiring a professional SEO agency to do this type of work, it’s not something you want to try to figure out yourself. Take into account that Google constantly updates their ranking algorithms on a somewhat scheduled basis, which of course makes maintaining search and rank positioning even more difficult. The best Digital marketers learn and train constantly to keep up with both the industry and new technologies and of course to keep their clients happy and satisfied. As you can probably imagine, it’s next to impossible for an average business owner to both run a profitable business and keep up and chase Google’s SEO algos.

Just because someone has a pretty decent looking website doesn’t equate to getting more customers. If no one is able to see or find your website, it’s pointless. It’s like placing a neon sign in the forest, no one will ever see it. We also can’t forget that websites must also look aesthetically appealing on all mobile devices. In today’s age, people search the Internet from smart phones (mostly iPhones and Androids) than they do from desktop computers. Did you know, that Google also has two search engines? Yep, that’s right their mobile browser is completely different and separate from the desktop browser.

Web Design: We provide exceptional and professional web design service for our desert clients. It’s true that nearly anyone today can build a website today using one of the seemingly hundreds of DIY web design service platforms, however, it is much more challenging and satisfying to build a website that both can capture the attention of potential new customers, as well as include a design marketing message and architecture to communicate your brand and business correctly. Websites designed to perform optimally in the Internet marketing realm have to be structured exactly in order to be continuously and easily crawled by the big search engine providers.

Local Business Marketing: Looking to beat your local Palm Desert CA competitors and tap into more sales and business opportunities? You’ve got to target more than SEO and Web Design. Recent studies show, nearly everyone searching for a local service or business reads and checks online reviews prior to choosing or making a decision. This means if your business doesn’t have a good quantity of reviews or has less than stellar ones, you could be easily passed over. Managing, marketing and acquiring your positive reviews is critical. Your business, service, or product could be the best but it wouldn’t really matter if no one knows it.

An ideal Palm Desert CA local business marketing strategy should have a fully responsive, mobile friendly attractive website, SEO (search engine optimization), citation management, and reputation management marketing.

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General Information on Palm Desert

Located approximately 23 kilometers east of Palm Springs, the area that was originally known as the Old MacDonald Ranch was renamed to Palm Village in the 1920s after the area was used to plant date palms. The area was soon developed into a true residential city in the 1940s when real estate company Palm Desert Corporation began work on the area, eventually giving the city its current name.

Palm Desert is frequently mentioned in the entertainment industry, primarily because it is home to numerous celebrities such as Rita Rudner, the late film producer Jerry Weintraub, and professional golfer Michelle Wie. One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, also has a home in Palm Desert.

Shopaholics will enjoy their stay in Palm Desert, as it is one of the major shopping destinations in Coachella Valley and considered as its main center for businesses. This is due to the city’s rapid growth during the 1980s and 1990s, which saw the rise of several large malls and shopping districts. If a visitor has money to spare (or willing to window shop for hours on end,) she will have a choice between El Paseo, One Eleven Town Center, the Desert Crossing, and the Town Center Plaza.

There’s also a smorgasbord of shops on El Paseo Drive, which is downtown from Palm Desert’s main shopping street. This area is rife with shops and throughout the years has turned into an upscale shopping district, serving as a home for over 150 boutiques, numerous restaurants, and even art galleries.

Music fans are probably flocking to Palm Desert as well because the city is home to a unique music scene dubbed “Palm Desert Scene,” which consists of artists and groups that were popular during the early 1990s as pioneers of the “stoner rock” subgenre of rock.

Palm Desert has a diverse community that welcomes people from different ethnicities and culture equally, with the city being home to affluent Latin Americans, Asian Americans. African-Americans and there are also populations consisting of other ethnicities, even those who have directly migrated from their home countries. Although currently, the largest international ethnic group tend to be Mexicans.

Like many of the Coachella Valley cities, Palm Desert is a prime destination for golfers both professional and casual. Palm Desert is known as the World’s Golf Capital due to the sheer number of golf clubs situated within 10 miles from the city, which currently amounts to more than 30. The main golf course in the city is the Desert Willow Golf Resort, which hosts the popular Mountain View and FireCliff championship courses.

There are also zoos and gardens in the city, particularly the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, which is a combination of the two popular destinations. The place allows visitors to observe an extensive collection of both desert plants and animals and is also equipped with a high-end animal hospital.

…and of course, many visitors of Coachella Valley expect to have fun at night, and Palm Desert will not disappoint. The nightlife sizzles when the sun goes down in this desert city, and the streets are illuminated by the lights of various cosmopolitan bars, clubs, casinos, and cafes within the city. One great place to visit is the McCallum Theatre for the Performing Arts for a Broadway show or just for a relaxing movie at the Tristone Cinemas before hitting the sheets. Lastly, the city is known for some of the best craft brews in Coachella Valley, which you can order from any of Palm Desert’s restaurant or you can sample them straight from the source by visiting any of the local brew pubs, such as La Quinta Brewing Company or Coachella Valley Brewing Company. With a Palm Desert visit, you will never run out of things to do.